The Legend

Anya Larkin’s passion for design fueled her success in making high art of wallpaper. Wall coverings, like fine art, add feeling and depth to a room. Her uncompromising craftsmanship took spaces to new heights. Her wallpapers unleash pleasure, to see space wrapped in Anya Larkin’s wall coverings is a sensual experience. Anya skillfully mixed subtle reflections of light, with thoughtful, intellectual patterns and textures reminiscent of the sublime Zen of oriental art. For Anya, the wall and the spaces in between were vast canvases for her boundless artistry.

The loss of Anya has been profound. But as time moves on it becomes more and more apparent that she is everywhere. She is the glow in Moondust, the texture in Concertina, the rhythm in String of Pearls and the sheer cool of Shagreen. In her collection she gave us a great artistic fortune. Anya is very much alive in the thousands of spaces lit by her brilliant couture papers. And Anya is alive in her studio where the artisans whose talent she cultivated and nurtured channel her vision and continue to create in her style. Her genius is alive in her protégés, artists that have worked with Anya for more than 20 years.

Anya Larkin occupies an important place in the modern era of design as a creator whose talent was unlimited. Trained as a fine artist, Larkin applied her artistry to “fine silk canvases” created for many of the world’s best-known couturiers and worn by the world’s most notable women. Larkin’s artistic integrity and genius has been recognized both by the Louvre’s Decorative Arts Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her wallpapers are housed in their permanent collection and are frequently on public display.

We love Anya, we miss her, and we are honored to be able to celebrate her every day by continuing to share her brilliant designs with the world.

Anya Larkin Studio, New York

hand painted wallpaper since 1982

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